Partner Requests

Merchants with type “Partner” are allowed to not only create and manage resources for themselves, but also for all of their connected merchants. To create, update or get a connected merchant’s order, client or any other resource, you must provide Merchant ID and its Website ID. For the correct choice of terminal, you need to provide one of three parameters: currency, account ID, or terminal_processing_id.

The minimal request data to issue an order for a connected merchant is the following:

    "currency": "EUR",
    "merchant": “a9c9bb60-1a1d-456c-bfb0-111111111111”,
    "website": “a9c9bb60-1a1d-456c-bfb0-22222222222”,
    "client": {
        "email": ""
    "products": [
        "price": 0.3,
        "title": "test"

Whenever the Merchant and its Website IDs are omitted, the gateway assumes that the request is for the partner itself.

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